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Wasabi Nights began as a channel for me to download my thoughts, observations and recommendations to help men look their best.

Why Wasabi Nights? My mind kick starts into high gear around 9 PM (PST) and if I haven't put it on paper by midnight, I will lay awake thinking about it for hours.

How did I think of wasabi? At five foot ten inches, most people find it hard to believe I am half Japanese. I believe my stature is the result of my mother's impressive personality; who was born and raised in Tokyo. A large part of my love of fashion comes from my Japanese heritage. Appearance is an important part of Japanese culture. The Japanese take great pride in their appearance because it is a direct reflection of their family and affiliations. When I go to Japan in the heat of the summer, it can be 98 degrees Fahrenheit with 100% humidity and you see women perfectly styled in heels, hose and Chanel dresses without a glimmer of sweat. Japanese businessmen are a sea of tailored suits year round and handle the discomfort of their wool uniform with grace, gentility and a well made handkerchief.

How did I become a men's style expert? I have always loved fashion and style. I began modeling at age 12. While I loved my education in the fashion industry, runway, and how to look your best, I wasn't a big fan of actually being a model!

My interest in men's fashion came about when I woke up one day and realized my VP Tech husband was wearing a pink "Everybody Poops" t-shirt to work - and I won't even begin to describe his shoes! After I became a men's style expert, I watched my husband willingly trade his "What Would Mac Guyver Do" T-shirt for quality, professional, business clothing that still allows him to express his personal style. He looks great and loves the steady stream of compliments.

The success I experienced in helping men look their best led me to launch my own concierge clothing service for men called Hendricks Park. Two years later, I left Hendricks Park to join Concentric Sky as their new Chief Operating Officer where I happily reside today.

Before becoming a men's stylist, I worked in the research sector as a Project Coordinator for a large, federally funded research grant.

Growing up in a multicultural family, travel was a regular part of my life. The first time I flew alone was at the age of seven when I flew from Portland, OR to Tokyo, Japan. I remember feeling excited to "finally" fly by myself! I feel very fortunate for my world travels. There are many places I wish to return to and many destinations I have yet to see. I love meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and finding the commonalities among us as human beings. I especially love to see the different clothing worn around the world and how each culture shapes the essential pieces into stylish expressions infused with their heritage. I'd say I'm a local personality with a global understanding.


I enjoy reading, fitness, buying shoes & unique antiques, hosting dinner parties and scuba diving. My passion however is for my family as I find them the most interesting subjects in the world.