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June 25, 2009


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Marshall from Bonobos

Great stuff, Lisa!

Thanks for making the point that a tucked-in shirt helps you stand up straighter. I've noticed my posture is better when I've got a collared shirt sleekly tucked in. Maybe it's purely psychological, but it's true. And as you've written (brilliantly) before, the fastest and cheapest way to improve one's look is simply to stand up straight.

Any tips for keeping that shirt tucked in neatly, and avoiding what we at Bonobos have dubbed BSMT (baggy shirt muffin top)? The obvious answer is to buy slim-fitting shirts, but good ones can be murder to come by. Who makes a truly great slim-fitting dress shirt these days? That's a whole other can of worms....

Lisa Bruckner

Great comment and questions Marshall! The best way to avoid baggy shirt muffin top (BSMT-love it!) is to wear a shirt that has a tailored cut to actually fit the contour of your body in addition to wearing a long, tailored fit undershirt. Some men complain they wear a tailored fit shirt but they still bag out around the waist. I would recommend they try the Tommy John undershirt which by design is long and made to fit close to your skin providing an anchor for your shirt to stay tucked in!

There are many options now for slim fitting shirts. The challenge is figuring out not only the brand, but the cut within the brand that works best for your particular body and budget (which is why I am hesitant to list certain brands because it depends on the man).

It's probably the first challenge I solve with new Trunk Club members. I recommend men join and try out TC if they would like an easier way to find better fitting shirts and clothing in general. There is nothing to lose by trying it out. This isn't a promo pitch, it's a genuine recommendation to help men look their best. www.trunkclub.com


Oh - I am so glad that you like a shirt properly tucked in! I cannot stand when my husband wears his shirt untucked. In fact I scowl and cringe at the sight. There, I have divulged to you, a perfectly kind stranger and fellow blogger!


What kind of belt do you think looks better with jeans? The rectangular plate sort of belts or the rectangular frame sort of belts?

Lisa Bruckner

Dear Infinity,

To answer your question (what kind of belt looks better with jeans) I would like to differentiate between belt and buckle. A wider width, "jeans belt" is usually best with jeans (and the material used can vary between leather, canvas, fabric, etc.). As for the buckle type, it really depends on the style of clothing you are wearing the jeans and belt with, in addition to your personal style and message you are sending by wearing it. I love the look of a plaque buckle (the "rectangular plate sort" you mentioned)for a modern and sleek look (both with jeans or slacks). Many of these belts are reversible which means twice the versatility for one price. The "rectangular frame sort" of buckle is very common and is more traditional in appearance. For conservative styles, this is a safe bet. There are also many fun buckles out there that are distressed metal for example and come in varying shapes and sizes. These are great for a hip, casual look.

If you need further recommendations beyond this, send me an email at Lisa@trunkclub.com



But what about me?

I've always preferred a crew neck shirt because I have a hairy chest. I thought that if the choice was to break up the line visually, I'd rather it be a clean white shirt than a hairy chest.

What are you thoughts on this?

Lisa Bruckner

Dear Hairy,

In your case, I would recommend you wear crew neck style shirts and undershirts. I would also recommend you keep your dress shirts buttoned up within comfort and purchase brands and styles that allow you to unbutton the top button while still covering up your chest/undershirt as much as possible.

As fall and winter approach, a nice balance for you would be a dress shirt or crew neck shirt with a v-neck sweater layered on top. This will allow you the visually pleasing look of an open neckline without bearing your hairy chest.

Layers are your friend. You can take a simple crew neck style shirt and layer a jacket or sweater on top and really improve your overall look and sophistication.

Great question! Email me anytime.




This is a bit late as I've just stumbled across this comment but I have to disagree when it comes to one body type. Men with a short waist are better off not tucking their shirts in as it accentuates the shortness and makes him look like a classical "nerd" (you know, the ones with the pants pulled all the way up, this shirt tucked in complete with the bow-tie). In this case, it looks much better for him to wear a slim-fit, untucked shirt that falls somewhere under the hips.


how about t shirts? tucked in with jeans or tucked out?

Lisa Bruckner

Thanks for all of the comments. To answer your question Ahsan, it really depends on the look you are going for. Super casual, weekend, sporty and I would leave the T-shirt un-tucked. For a more polished look, I would tuck the shirt in with a belt. Tucking your T-shirt in actually makes a big difference and you can look quite nice with a solid T, tucked in with a belt and denim or chinos. Another option is to tuck your T-shirt in with a belt and throw a blazer on top. Very hip, and comfortable.

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I always wear undershirts, just better to be safe and proper than sorry. I've had the same issues with those Hanes and other brand undershirts that Lisa described. I'll have to give Tommy John a try sometime. Is it not good if an undershirt shows at the top?

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