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August 10, 2009


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I'm going to have to disagree here, "rolling" sleeves half-way up, if at all, looks like you've done half the job. Roll them right about to your elbow, neatly, of course, and you can convey the tidiness this article seems to emphasize.

While admirable, doing a half-assed job or trying to dress down by rolling up your sleeves will only make you look more like a child.

Any sense of formality or tidiness, however, would suggest you keep your sleeves rolled down.


Isnt it all just a matter of personal preference anyway? If you are in the office and wearing business casual attire, rolling up your sleeves should be done only in a formal situation, not all day. I dont think it looks right to have a meeting with the Bobs with your sleeves rolled up.

If its a casual Friday and you have a collared shirt and jeans, roll your sleeves how you want, up above your elbow if you like, which is what Im doing now. However, if you have gorilla hairy arms, dont roll them too high. BTW, I am a dude and a man

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